Initiative Spurs both economic development and the automation & technology enhancement

According to the reference note document issues by Lok Sabha secretariat, smart cities are those which have smart (intelligent) physical, Social, institutional and economic infrastructure.

Smart cities effectively leverage especially the information, communication and automation technologies to achieve transparent governance, minimize energy consumption, &improve sustainability, quality of life, and efficient use of resources.

Role of information, communication and Automation Technologies Meeting effectively & efficiently and in environmentally sustainable manner sanitation, water, health services, transportation, communication, waste management’s and similar other needs are the minimal needs of cities in future . The integrated information, communication, and automation technologies (ICAT) are the way for making city smarter with the ability to network various entities. The various networked entities includes Sensor Transmitters, Programmable automation Controllers (PLC’s, PID’s etc.), Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), HMI, Electro-Hydraulic, Electro-Pneumatic, AC-DC Drive and similar other technologies.

Job creation & Industrial growth Building of smart cities can immensely benefit the country economically. It will result in creating robust demand for steel, cement, hi-tech devices, and automation systems such as PLC, PAC & SCADA and various others, providing impetus for the growth of not only manufacturing, infrastructure and consulting industries but also for service industries and plethora of activities including consulting, Engineering and transportation thus provide many opportunities to individuals.

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